Spring Programs are HERE

Posted by Mannie Nimmo on May 09 2018 at 11:09PM PDT in 2017-2018
Hi Dons,

The Spring Programs are here hot off the presses. I will have them at the SRV game, so come and find me to get your copy. I have copies for the following people:

  • M. Freschi
  • K. Johnson
  • A. Kanna
  • Riddles
  • J. Murphy
  • B. Foster
  • L. Brennan
  • A. Ford
  • K. Young
  • S. Nimmo
  • A. Lovelock
  • A. Bayani
  • K. Valiuyaeettil
  • S. Soares
  • G. French
  • R. Gough

See you tomorrow night at SRV!


Mannie :-)


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