Wrestling Fundraiser Update - GET MOVING!

Posted by Wrestling on Dec 16 2018 at 06:23PM PST in 2018-2019

Hello AVHS Wrestling Family,

We are currently at $3,850 funds raised for our Team Raise Fundraiser. Our goal is $13,000. I’m sending this email tonight to let everyone know that we are in URGENT need of HELP with fundraising.

Each wrestler has a personal goal of $300 dropped from $500 for our Team Raise Fundraiser. What we REALLY need is $500 from each family but what is expected to be raised from each wrestler is $300. Please send out those e-mails using the samples I sent in previous e-mails. Please let me know if you need me to send them again.

If we DON’T raise the money needed to maintain the wrestling program, it will negatively impact our season. At this point, it’s ALL HANDS ON DECK. We need a sense or urgency to get this going.

Ryan Bailey
Owen Boyce
Nathan Boyce
Nathanael Cabrales
Denise Chavez
Lucas Chiu
Emily Gallagher
Carl Howard
Jack Hungerford
Pranav Jeevan
Connor Joyce
Josh Kim
Demetrio Lozares
Jefferey Lydick
Cooper Petty
Christopher Reese
Megan Rovira
Daniel Serrano
Jerod Texeira
Affaan Waheed

Goal Reached
Kyle Jordan – $500
Noah Marek – $500
Andrew Saah – $500
Matthew Whiteland – $500
Thomas Babati – $400
Ezra Gutierrez – $400
Blake Kenney – $300

More than Halfway There
Mikayla Guevarra – $200
Brett Lewis (?) – $200
Luke Neely – $150

Moving Along
Donovan Lucente – $80
Keith Mirador – $60
Kurt Mirador – $60

Any questions let me know. Please be sure to connect with your contacts if you have not reached your goal of $300. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors are a good place to start. You can also put site link on Facebook and Twitter.

Please call, text or email me with any questions. Thanks again for your SUPPORT and donations! I’ll be updating again very soon.

Please visit our fundraising page on team pages at:

Laurie Whiteland