JV Information Packet Posted!

Posted by Samantha Franco on May 10 2018 at 01:15PM PDT in 2018-2019

Good Afternoon All!

Just a reminder that the Junior Varsity information and expectations packet have been posted here on team pages ( and emailed to you via team pages).
It is both athlete and parent responsibility to go through, read, and understand everything on this packet in order for us to have a successful season!
Please comment below once you and your daughter have gone through and read the packet in full.

If you have an questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be more than happy to clarify any details. :)

Have a good rest of your day!

- Coach Sam

The document JV_2018_Info_Packet.pdf was attached to this post.


2018-05-10T20:36:20.000-07:00May 10 2018, at 08:36 PM PDT, Debbie Cabral said:

Thanks, Coach Sam! Looking forward to a great season!

2018-05-15T19:36:46.000-07:00May 15 2018, at 07:36 PM PDT, Cassandra Monastiero said:

My parents and I have gone through the packet! Thank you :)

2018-05-15T19:42:04.000-07:00May 15 2018, at 07:42 PM PDT, Macy Mendes said:

Thank you ! We read through it !

2018-05-15T20:01:55.000-07:00May 15 2018, at 08:01 PM PDT, Corey Timby said:

My mom and I looked over the packet. Thank you!

2018-05-15T20:13:33.000-07:00May 15 2018, at 08:13 PM PDT, Coco Besson said:

We read through the packet:) Thanks!

2018-05-16T08:15:00.000-07:00May 16 2018, at 08:15 AM PDT, Lindsay LeBlanc said:

My mom and I have gone through the packet. Thank you!!