Athletic Packet due 2/3/2017

Posted by Allie Shaw- on Jan 24 2017 at 07:32PM PST in 2016-2017

Athletic Packet

Welcome to Amador Valley High School’s Athletic program, and hope that you will enjoy associating with our program during your years here at Amador. Amador Valley High School is proud of its athletic program and of its athletes. In order to be cleared to play sports for any of our teams here at Amador Valley High School, you will need to complete the forms on this website prior to participating in any practices. Please follow the instructions shown below to complete your Athletic Packet correctly the first time. If you have any questions about the athletic program please contact our Athletic Director, Lou Cesario at lcesario at

Packet Procedures:

1. READ the Athletic Packet – Linked below

2. TRANSFER STUDENTS – If you are a transfer student from another high school, you have to read the following INFORMATION to make sure you are eligible for the upcoming season

3. TURN IN completed Athletic Signature Forms – Linked here: Athletic-Packet-Master

4. TURN IN a current Physical Examination Form (contained in Athletic Signature Pages – Linked Athletic-Packet-Master) signed by a doctor and stamp included from the doctor’s office on the physical form. An annual examination or a statement by a medical doctor certifying that the student is physically fit to participate in athletics is required every year. Please note, chiropractor exams are no longer acceptable.

5. BASELINE TEST – It is required to get a Baseline Test (Concussion protocol) completed by our athletic trainer, Diana Hasenpflug, as part of the clearance process. Some sports are not required if they do not have a certain level of contact. The Baseline Testing will be done prior to each season by Diana on campus.

6. SPORTS REGISTRATION – Each student participating in athletics is asked to financially contribute to the operation costs of the Amador Valley athletic programs (varies depending on the sport) at the Student Activities office.

7. ASB STICKER – If you’d like to purchase an ASB card ($85), it allows students to get in free to any preseason or league athletic home contest and enables students to get discounts on dance tickets. The money from the ASB card goes to support athletics and student activities throughout the year.

8. CLEAR any debts or book bills you may have with the school at the Activities Office.

9. CHECK that you are academically eligible to play a sport. Grades from your most recent grading period must reflect a 2.0 G.P.A. with no “F’s.” Grades will continue to be monitored throughout the season by the Athletic Director.

10. ATTEND the mandatory sports meeting (check calendar for dates for specific seasons).


The student Activities Office is open daily during the school year from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm and at the beginning of the year will be open starting August 1, 2016 from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. No Athlete will be allowed to practice or participate in any game, meet, match, etc., until all pertinent documents have been turned in to the Student Activities Office. A clearance receipt will be issued verifying the completion of the process.


The money contributed with your registration cost will be used for Coaches stipends.

Transportation fees pay for bus trips to and from games.

ASB Stickers and Gate receipts pay for the Officials, Custodial support and maintenance. Also, CIF, EBAL dues and awards.

When a student purchases an ASB Sticker, they will get in free to all home football, basketball, volleyball and wrestling games and receive discounts on dance tickets (free for Aloha with ASB), yearbook purchase and other benefits.

Donations amounts are updated prior to each season.

Don’t forget to visit the AVHS Athletic Boosters Website and sign up to be a Booster Member!

Use the following link to access the AVHS Athletic Boosters Membership AND Athletic Pass Form