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Hello Amador parents,

If you have not signed the Amador gym petition, please go to and sign the petition. The next step is to attend the school board meeting on May 21 at 7:15. The address is 4665 Bernal Ave. The meeting is at the district board room.

If possible, please speak at the board meeting. We each have three minutes to communicate our concerns. It would be great if you could bring your kids with you! We have to let the board and the superintendent know that we have had it!

We want action, we need the issues of our gym addressed immediately. If you can’t make the board meeting, the next best action it to email each board member.

Their emails are below.

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2019 Lacrosse Photos

Posted by AV Girls LAX - Varsity at May 19, 2019 1:37AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

I’ve uploaded all the photos that I’ve taken this year to a dropbox folder. You should be able to access the photos through the link below. If you have issues downloading just come talk to me and we can work out another way.


Not sure what happened but I lost my notes for last night’s game. Maybe that’s for the best. It’s really hard to describe what occurred last night with all the emotion that surrounded the game. It wasn’t a perfect game, but it may have been one of the best for the Lady Dons. Out of the gate Amador took advantage of an official’s yellow card for an incident against Granite Bay in their previous match. Amador came out blazing and notched up three goals behind Johnson, Manos and Mayo to make it a quick 4-0 lead. Granite Bay has a very good team and Amador needed to make the most of every opportunity that they had. Amador struggled to maintaini possession and this would give Granite Bay the opportunity to claw back a few goals. The Grizzlies were definitely stunned by the pressure being exerted by Amador on both sides of the field. I’m sure the feeling was that they would roll right through the Dons considering the 14 to 9 victory they had on their home turf. Blake Guidice would go thermonuclear throughout the match and notch 11 saves in the cage. There were two saves in the second half that kept Granite Bay from sealing the victory in their favor. In addition to the saves her outlet passes were on point, giving the team a chance to go on offense. This was a spectacular performance for the senior goalie. Amador would go on a run to close the half at 10-5. Out of the gate Granite Bay began chipping away at the lead. They started capitalizing on fast break opportunities. Despite picking up draw wins the Dons couldn’t convert early opportunities at the net. The tension in the stadium amped up as the Grizzlies closed the gap to a 10-9 margin. Bella Mayo played smart and fast forcing Granite Bay into giving her opportunities at the penalty line. Mayo would give Amador a little breathing room with a free position shot with 14 minutes left in the half. Senior Captain Isa Clark would drive from the top of the 8 meter weaving past 2 defenders to pump fake and then let the rock fly into the net. Despite excellent defense the Grizzlies would regain the momentum with four consecutive goals to capture the lead, for the first time in the match. Amador didn’t buckle and would tie the game up again at the 5 minute mark with an incredible shot. Bella Mayo would drive to goal and be blocked off by three defenders. She would twirl her stick and shoot between her legs to knot up the game at 13-13. The shot was a bit of wizardry on Mayo’s part. Granite Bay’s goalie would execute a clean save of the ball. Her outlet was patient and would finally find their best player. The next release would be a 40 yard pass into the center of the 8 meter. The cutter would immediately turn and fire giving the Grizzlies a one-goal advantage, 14-13. Amador didn’t panic and began going to work with a patient offense. Bella Mayo would be rewarded with a penalty shot at the line. The crowd was on their feet. Her release would sing pass the goalie to tie the match at 1:14 left. The Dons couldn’t celebrate too quickly as there was plenty of time left on the clock. The Dons would win the critical draw and began to execute their offense. Catherine Murphy drove right baseline to center. Multiple defenders crowded her drive. She resisted every fiber in her to shoot as she wove right past the goalie. She rolled back through X and searched for someone to pass to. Her defender shadowed her back to her starting point. Murphy saw her defender slow her pace and made her move. Catherine accelerated past her lone defender. The rest of the Dons had cleared out the circle to reset their offense. Catherine found herself face to face with the goalie and took a clean shot to find the net. Dons take the lead with 40 seconds left!!! Pandemonium broke out in the stands and Amador sideline. Off the draw Catherine Murphy would scoop up the ball and the Dons would attempt to enter a stall. Granite Bay was not going to go down easily. The Grizzlies began to double team and pressure the ball. Amador surrendered the ball on a double team sideline trap. Bella Mayo bailed out her team in the midfield by checking the ball free and recovering the ground ball. Time finally expired and the Dons earned themselves a trip to the NCS Championship game against the San Ramon Valley Wolves. The game was emotionally exhausting for the players, coaches, and fans. Credit to Granite Bay for being fierce competitors throughout the match. Thursday’s NCS Championship match will be held at San Ramon Valley High School at 7pm. Sko Dons!!!

by Jake Bayani


Following a thrilling 15-14 win over #2 seed Granite Bay Tuesday night, the AV Girls Lacrosse team advances to the NCS Championship Game vs. #1 Seed San Ramon Valley.

Put on your Purple and Gold and come support your Dons and what promises to be a another exciting game.

When: Thursday, May 16 starting at 7:00pm
Where: San Ramon Valley


Less than a week removed from the annual rivalry match and they were back at it again. We had a feeling that this second matchup would prove to be tighter as the Foothill squad did not have their best showing last Friday. Amador needed to find the right adjustments on defense as Grace French will be out for the rest of the season.
Amador would come out of the gates strong as Bella Mayo would find Kalenna Johnson in the low right post. Johnson would slide underneath and score point blank. The Falcons would benefit from a draw violation and start rolling their offense. Defense would hold for a few sequences before Foothill rolled X for an equally good look at the net, 1-1. Mayo with the draw would hand off to Lily Manos. Manos’ shot from distance would be deflected. Amador would retain the ball and begin to circle. Mayo would drive from the high right and weave past not one, but two defenders to retake the lead. Mayo would follow up with a strong drive from the top for another goal. Foothill’s initial attempt to counter would result in an excellent save by Blake Guidice. Blake would send a clean outlet, but the midfield transition would falter on a dropped ball. An offsides against Foothill would gift Amador the ball. Mayo would draw shooting space but another save by the foothill goalie. Both sides started having trouble maintaining possession. Foothill would break the stalemate by swiping an interception inside the 8 meter and drive an attack. Amador initially held the Falcons back but eventually gave up a goal, off a free position shot. Defense struggled the next two sequences due to penalties. Each time the penalty shot would sail into the net and Foothill would lead 3-4. Mayo would charge the center but her shot would pipe. A fortunate bounce saw Mayo retrieve the ball and get pushed from behind. Her penalty shot would be good. Bella Mayo would draw a yellow card on what appeared to be simple jostling for the draw. Foothill took advantage of the penalty and found an open cutter for goal. On the very next sequence Amador draws a second yellow card violation for dangerous contact after the draw release. This could have been disastrous for the Dons. Foothill had a two-man power play for about ninety seconds. The Amador defense stepped up strong. The remaining players began furiously sliding from the handler to their adjacents as Foothill attempted to probe for a weak spot. Alexis Bayani even forced one shot high as she was able to block off a shot attempt. If Amador ever needed the defense to shine it was during this moment. The defense picked up a turnover as the first yellow expired. Within thirty seconds the team was back at full strength and Catherine Murphy would receive a pass in the low post. She would drive right to left and get off a clean shot to tie the game, 5-5. Murphy would follow up with another drive, that would slip by a defender, and send a strong shot into the net. Foothill would be forced to regroup during a timeout. Once again both teams would have good back and forth defensive stands. Amador would have two attempts at goal. Unfortunately, both Lily Manos and Mayo would be denied by the goalie. Foothill would break through the defense to knot the game back up. Amador had a chance to go up, but another incredible save would deny Mady Sweeny a penalty goal. It would be 6-6 going into the half.
Amador would enter a patient offense off the first second half draw. Manos would eventually drive from the top and score, to grab the lead. The Falcon goalie was phenomenal and would save out a Murphy shot. Defense would hold back the attack but a miscue would see the low post defender beat out and a good shot sent into the net. The Dons would turnover a draw win. Luckily good defense would force the ball out of bounds for a Falcon turnover. Amador would transition clean. Manos would roll X and release a sharp pass, from the low left post, to Mady Sweeney inside to put the Dons on top, 9-8. The Defense again began to step up, but then surrendered a push during a double team. The Falcons would pipe their penalty shot and Amador would go on the attack. Catherine Murphy would roll to her strong side and receive a pass. The catch was clean and she charged into the center for another point blank goal. Amador would come away in control and multiple set plays were denied by the Falcons. Isa Clark would receive an excellent pass as she attempted to drive in but was walled off. Finally, Johnson would sneak into the middle and receive a pass from the top of the 8 meter. She would execute a crisp reception, spin, and shoot for goal, 11-8. This may have been where the Dons could have entered a stall, for victory, as 7 minutes were left on the clock. But where is the fun in that? Amador would win possession and Mayo would get to the penalty line. This high percentage goal would again be denied by the Falcon goalie. Foothill would capitalize and get to their cutter, 11-9. Again, with time on their side, Amador would send a shot early and be saved out. The Falcons would transition, and their star midfielder would drive for goal to narrow the lead to 11-10. With the lead narrow, and 3:32 left on the clock, the fans were tense. A gasp from the Amador fans went out as Foothill took the draw. What appeared to be a yellow card against Mady Sweeney was actually a broken stick exchange. Blake Guidice would have her most important save of the season on the next penalty shot. Amador would pick up the rock and break through a tough transition. The crowd was chanting PANDA!!! (this was code for hold the ball and let time expire, from Pride LAX days). But again, where is the fun in that? Catherine Murphy, who had been clutch all night, would drive from the right baseline and once again score face up with the goalie, 12-10 and 1:25 left. Amador would win the next draw and get Mayo to the line. Would she would pull back and let the clock expire? Nope, where is the fun in that? Mayo is not just a good penalty shooter, she is an excellent penalty shooter. The ace gets the green light and sends a heater into the net, essentially sealing the win. Amador would win the draw and Manos would add on, with another penalty shot. The final score would be 14-10.
Amador would advance to the semi-final round for the first time since 2015. That year they would advance to the finals and be defeated by Novato. If Amador can get by a very good Granite Bay team, the sky’s the limit. The last matchup against Granite Bay resulted in a 14-9 loss. The Dons did not play their best during that matchup. There have been plenty of improvements and adjustments that give Amador a very good chance. It will be a contest that you do not want to miss! See you all Tuesday May 14th at 7pm as the Amador Valley Don’s host the Granite Bay Grizzlies at Walker Stadium.

by Jake Bayani